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Why Sven and Son adjustable bed?

Sven & Son is quite renowned for providing sustainable, high quality adjustable bed bases. They deliver the beds at the best affordable price with almost all the premium features. Sven & Son platinum is their top notched model with all the cutting edge technologies that you would require for a comfortable sleep.

Providing the finest 5 section bed with independent supports at adjustment, it didn’t compromise on any of the right facets. Check out its amusing features which will let you have an idea on its complete design model.

Basic Head and Feet Adjustments:

Sven & Son platinum bed offers the highest head adjustment inclination between 0 to 75 degrees, which is quite rare even in the premium beds. The foot section tilting ranges between 0 – 45 degrees, which comforts your feet. This combination of adjustments gives you complete flexibility to position any desirable state on the bed.

Advanced Pillow and Lumbar adjustments:

The platinum bed is accompanied with independent pillow tilting for about 7 degrees. This additional tilting helps you soothe your neck with no requirement for an auxiliary pillow. The platinum bed also comprises of lumbar support, which again is a rare feature, accompanied only in high end beds like Leggett & Platt prodigy.

Is Sven and Son wall hugger?

Having wall hugging technology sure lets you feel at ease; with your night stand in reach. Picking a remote or your juice glass no more requires your movement from the bed after adjustments. Sven & Son platinum ensures that you are just 8 inches away from your wall in any position.

Lift Motor Capacity:

With the inbuilt high performance motors, the platinum base can withhold a maximum capacity of 850 lbs. The massive steel base with strong legs makes certain of the high built motors capacity.

Massage Functionality:

Therapeutic massage is all you require after a long tiring day to doze off into a happy sleep. Get the spa like massage within your bedroom with this platinum bed. All you need to do is a few clicks!

Massage modes: Not just the wave and pulse modes, the platinum bed offers you a full body massage. Hence, three modes in total where the high performance motors play a perfect role in relaxing your body.

Massage speeds / intensity: Like all the other premium adjustable beds, you get the chance to set your intensity in three variants. You can choose among high, medium, and low levels.

Massage timers: Although automatic timers are not guided, you can shut off the massage motors right after your usage with a single click.

Remote Control:

The remote control in total has 18 feature control buttons with one supplementary button for remote lock/unlock. Of all the 18 buttons, 8 are dedicated to helping you with the head, foot, pillow and lumbar support adjustments. These help you to level up or down the segments of the bed.

3 pre-set position functionalities are accessed using the ZG button, anti-snore, and flat buttons. An additional memory programmable position button is also available.

Instant flash and under bed light access is possible through the flash and bed light on/off buttons. Massage modes, intensities, and switching functionalities are available with the massage option buttons. Voila, all possible through the remote directly!

Preset positions:

The pre-set positions will let you have instant bed positioning with no much effort or time misuse in adjusting the angles. The Sven & Son supports the following positions

Flat: Immediate access to flatten your bed from any tilt position is possible with the flat preset position and is accessible directly through the remote.

Zero-gravity: The ultimate relaxing zero gravity position set up is entirely available for the usage.

Anti-snore: Rest yourself with no snore disturbance with the anti-snore position which again can be set directly through the remote.

Lounge & TV/PC: Since the preferable angles for individual defers, the lounge & TV/PC is not set to standard, instead, which can be adjusted upon your convenience.

Memory programmable positions:

One memory programmable position is available for the platinum adjustable bed. Set any comfortable position you love and save the adjusted angles using the memory programmable option accompanied.

This option helps you have your desired position next time without losing the intact.

Mobile App:

As many other adjustable beds do not provide mobile app support, it becomes challenging to access the bed when the remote is misplaced.

Do not worry the same with Seven & Son; this has got both Android and IOS application support. This app lets you perform all the exact functionalities that the remote does.

USB ports:

A total of 4 USB chargeable ports are available with the base of the bed. Two ports placed on each side will let you charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Power backup:

The emergency power backup feature will let the bed come back to a flat position as soon as there is a power breakdown. This feature will let you have a comfortable move over, without any hassle in breakdown situations.

Height adjustability:

Two individual leg units of 3 inches and 6 inches are provided which can even be combined for having a 9 inch height. Yes, in total 3 different height ranges are available, which you can choose upon your convenience.

Flash Light and under-bed lighting:

An instant flash light is available on the remote which serves as a torch in the mid night or power down situations. The under bed lighting is also available with LED lighting system, which eliminates the requirement of separate bed lamps in your room.

Mattress retainer bar:

A standard bar is escorted which helps in retaining the mattress during the tilts and massages. The mattress retainer bar is fixated near the foot section which gives the sturdiness to your bed and mattress.


An exclusive 25 years warranty is provided for the adjustable bed base. The warranty provided is the highest warranty period that any bed manufacturer has provided in the industry.  


Sven & Son having their motto to provide the best at the most affordable price, the platinum bed is the most affordable premium bed you can find in the industry. It has got all the advanced striking features including pillow and lumbar adjustments, wall hugging, power backup and amusing massaging motors which are hush silent.

Choosing the platinum adjustable bed would be the greatest thing since sliced bread and would totally be worth your every penny!

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