Prodigy Comfort Elite Review – Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed

Being an industry recognized leader for quality and customer service, Leggett and Platt has come up with the premium adjustable bed, Prodigy Comfort Elite. This has been released with all the latest and most advanced technology features including the industry – first capacitive touch remote control. Comfort Elite is a premium adjustable bed which is having four independent comfort zones with pillow tilt and lumbar support. It’s quite adjustable base is one outstanding top feature in the market with no other series providing the best. Look into quick navigation of its features which definitely can transform your sleep experience.

Basic Head, Feet and Pillow Adjustments: 

As most of the other beds support head and feet adjustments, Comfort Elite not only provides pillow tilt but is also equipped with Lumbar support adjustments. With this advanced feature of Lumbar support, comfort elite has got four independent comfort zones which enable complete body comfort.

Providing an “independent” pillow tilt unlike other beds having dependent tilting. The customization of the adjustment is not restricted to any position and caters to your comfort needs at a different level.

Gentle lumbar support positioned in the middle lets you adjust the amount of support required and is one best choice for back pain.

Wall hugging feature?

Being an industry leader in Wall Hugger technology implementation. Leggett and Platt definitely didn’t miss out on this impeccable feature in their ultra - premium adjustable bed. Comfort Elite is equipped with the best implementations of Wall hugging.
The wall hugger engineering lets you stay closer to the wall and reachable to your night stand irrespective of your adjustments to both head and pillow tilt.
This engineering methodology lifts you up simultaneously gliding you back closer to the  wall.

Lift Motor Capacity:

Comfort elite has three inbuilt motors with two of the motors supporting head and feet tilts. An additional 3rd motor which supports pillow tilt and lumbar support also helps reduce the stress of the other two motors.
The advanced and super- fast lift motors furnished have “whisper quite sound” technology which ensures the movements in the night without any sound.
The lift motor capacity of Comfort elite is 850 lbs which is the top most capacity that any other bed is providing in the market.

Massage Functionality:

With no other comparisons to its standards, the best dual massage performance with dedicated motors for head and feet are provided. This provides you complete body massage which sets you into comfort sleep with all your muscles relaxing in no time.

  • Massage modes:Dual massage modes with both with wave as well as pulse modes
  • Massage speeds / intensity:Provides you three different intensity levels ranging as low, medium and high to change accordingly with your usage
  • Massage timers: The automatic 15 minutes timer is enabled which shuts the massagers off right after the set time. The chosen interval best relieves the nerves and muscles with no more added stress.

Remote Control:

Introducing industry – first capacitive touch remote control which enables quick movements with simple touch on the wireless remote, Comfort Elite stands with the best again. With almost 20 touchable remote functional buttons, all the quick enhancement can be made in no time.

The preset position buttons set, flat and snore are available on the top with under bed light button which gets on and off with simple touch. Additional and new Lock feature enables to lock or unlock the remote control to avoid unintended changes after your perfect set position.

Four major buttons to make the adjustments of head, pillow, lumbar and foot tilts with up and down options are provided. These enable to raise and lower the particular sections for the adjustment.

Two memory programmable position buttons are provided namely with M1 and M2. Massage on / off button with the massage head and foot up/ down buttons are given to increase or decrease the massage intensity.
An auxiliary remote holder is provided to base its standard on the night stand.

Preset positions:

Preset positions enable the quick adjustment with not much adjustments required. The following is the status of the present positions in Comfort Elite,

  • Flat: A single click flat position enablement
  • Zero-gravity: Can activate or deactivate the ZG position but is present in Mobile application and not in remote control
  • Anti-snore:A single touch enabled anti- snore position enablement
  • Lounge: No availability of preset lounge position
  • TV/PC: Does not include TV/PC position either

Memory programmable positions:

Two direct memory programmable positions can be set through the Wireless remote provided and an additional 4 memory programmable positions can be set through the Mobile Application.

 Yes, in total 6 positions can be set through wireless remote and Mobile application together which is rarely seen in any other adjustable beds.

Mobile App:

The mobile application provided is accessible for both Android and IOS devices which has all the mentioned options of the wireless remote and additional features as well. The preset Lounge or TV/PC positions are not desirable and common for all and hence Comfort Elite has given much flexibility in memory programmable positions through Mobile Application.

The brightness of the under bed light can also be adjusted through the Mobile application along with on and off. Also allow you to set wake up alarm.

Unique alarm wake up

Quite sparsely seen in any other, Comfort Elite has got Wake-up alarm system which wakes you up at the set time by sending the vibrations from massagers.

True! You can avoid all those booming alarms.

USB ports:

Another big winning feature that Comfort elite own is having 8 USB ports. These USB ports are positioned four each on both sides of the bed which enables you to connect all your devices at once without any hassle.

Height adjustability:

Prodigy Comfort Elite has got two individual leg units with heights 6 inches and 4 inches each and 2 ½ inch diameter. These two can even be combined which gives 10 inches of maximum flexibility.

Flash Light and under-bed lighting:

Under the bed lighting gives the bliss of warm sleep and a refreshing morning with Comfort Elite. The lighting system provided is multi directional and can be fully dimmed with adjustable focus using mobile application based on your mood.

Another striking feature is that alarm can be associated with lighting that gives your astounding wake – up ambiance.

Mattress retainer bar:

Unlike the traditional mattress retainer bars system, Prodigy Comfort Elite is designed with MicroHook retention technology. This includes two strips places at the head and feet to retain the mattress movement from its position during the adjustments and massages.

Either way, a backup of mattress retainer bars are well attached to stand no chance of inconvenience for you.


With one year of complete warranty and extended limited warranty of 9 years, comfort elite comes with 10 years of the complete warranty from Leggett and Platt.


With perfect foundation style design and a unique set of advanced features, Comfort Elite stands as a premium product at the top most in the market. As saying goes, best comes with a price, you can find yourself in love with the bed soon after the purchase. It not only provides you a soothing and calm sleep but ensures your health and will be your best pain and muscle relieving system.

It’s worth all your money and what do you wait for? Just go for the best that you can get.

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