Naomi Home Adjustable Bed Review

Why Naomi ideal adjustable bed? 

Well, when it comes to adjustable beds, many of us think it’s a costly affair with some thousand or hundreds of bucks involved. That’s not entirely true!

Naomi adjustable bed is the best affordable adjustable bed, which is just a few hundred dollars and provides almost all the major functionalities that an adjustable bed requires. It has not only a sturdy motor lift capacity but also a dual massage functionality with preset and memory programmable positions in access.

Boosting the functionalities up, another exceptional detail is the mobile app that has complete functional access as a wireless remote! Check out the other amusing features of Naomi's idealBase adjustable bed.

Basic Head and Feet Adjustments

Independent head and foot articulation are available. The head section of the bed can be adjusted between 0 – 70 degrees and the foot section between 0 – 40 degrees. Any posture you love to relax is perfectly reliable.

Lift Motor Capacity
The ultimate lift motor capacity is accompanied in Naomi idealBase adjustable bed with 850 lbs capacity per unit. All thanks to the industry specialist manufacturers ensuring the sturdy and super effective motors. 

Massage Functionality 

Massage is one of the best functionality for any adjustable bed as they soothe down your tiring body. And Naomi, though at this price range, didn’t miss out on this stunning functionality.

• Dual massage – They provided two different motors for head and foot section massage. This spec enables efficient and coherent massage even through the mattress.

• Massage speeds / intensity – Three different speeds are provided with ranges between high, medium, and low.

• Massage timers – Automatic timer setup shut the massage motors soon after the time, which does not require you to check and off the massage. You can choose the timers between 10, 20, and 30 minutes.

Remote Control 

A classic wireless remote control is available, which lets you access your complete bed base. There are 15 buttons on the uppermost surface and two buttons on the sides. The top buttons let you access all the articulations, massage settings, preset and programmable positions. And the side buttons provided lets you choose the left or right bed to be adjusted among the twin beds.

Preset positions:

Preset positions are one relaxing click postures for you. They will set your bed into your desired position within minutes.

• Flat – The bed can be flattened from any tilt position using a flat button.

• Zero-gravity – The unsurpassed resting position, ZG is enabled in Naomi adjustable bed and can be accessed through the remote provided. Customization to the ZG position is also possible.


• Anti-snore, Lounge & TV/PC – All the remaining preset positions are not available with Naomi’s base. They can be set accordingly with your anticipation.

Memory programmable positions:

The remote provides direct access to a memory programmable position, which stores the exact tilts that you have set. Furthermore, as ZG preset position customization acts as a memory position as well.

Hence, two different memory positions can be considered which is quite rare to observe in mid-range or budgeted beds.

Mobile App

A mobile app that allows you to access your bed frame completely is available with Naomi adjustable base. The application is a replication of the wireless remote, which has the same complete functionalities. Bingo, no need to search for the remote all the time, your mobile would do the work!

USB ports 

Little skeptical with the number of ports as a review in has mentioned 4 and cloudreviewer has mentioned it as 2

The bed frame is equipped with 2 ports on each side of the bed. A USB hub is attached beneath the head section which provides two ports for charging your devices on the go.

Height adjustability 

The base is provided with standard 3 inches and 6 inches leg units. These two independent units can be adjusted upon your convenience and height modularity. 

Flash Light and under-bed lighting 

As under the bed lighting and flashlight are sparse features observed in the most premium high-end beds, Naomi’s adjustable base does not include any of them.

Mattress retainer bar

A super sturdy steel mattress retainer bar is placed near the foot section. This bar allows the bed mattress stays in position during the massage as well as the articulations. Once the mattress is adjusted fit, you need not shear in checking upon all the time. Such ease to use!


A complete 20 years warranty is provided for the base, which includes one year of complete coverage with spares. The 20 years is structured with limitations on spares and parts, but the base gets it till the end!


Let me tell you when I first came across this bed; it didn’t leave me surprised with all its amusing specs. The price at which all of them are offered is so stunning. Naomi adjustable base didn’t miss out on the best of the features like massage settings, USB ports, preset and memory positions, wireless remote, and an accompanying mobile app. Its strength to withhold the humungous capacity is an added boon in all means.

As a verdict, the base has been woven with supreme quality materials that sustain reliability. And, it would be the best bet that you can ever get for high-class stuff at such an affordable price!

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