Lucid Adjustable Bed Reviews – L100 vs L300 vs L600

Lucid being an established mattress seller has come up with different price range adjustable bases. 

Basic Adjustable Bed - Lucid L100 Review

If you are looking for a basic bed which can move to make you feel comfortable and no other special features, then Lucid has L100

Mid-range Adjustable Bed - Lucid L300 Review

If you just require a mid-range bed base which can give you advanced features, but there is no need of massagers, then Lucid offers you L300

High-end Adjustable Bed - Lucid L600 Review

You are looking for a high-end premium adjustable base with every unique feature to be there, Lucid has L600 bed with all the specifications you wish

Check out the fantastic specifications each bed has got and chose among!

Adjustments – Lucid L100 vs L300 vs L600 Review

Head & Feet Adjustments - Lucid L100 Review

Lucid L100 being an entry-level bed managed to provide independent head and foot inclinations.

The head section can be articulated to 58 degrees, and the foot section can be articulated to 40 degrees.

Head & Feet Adjustments - Lucid L300 Review

Lucid L300 gives compatible adjustment angles of 60 degrees for head tilting and 45 degrees for foot tilting.

Although, the head inclination is comparably less than L600, foot inclination is extended by 10 degrees, which gives finer feasibility.

Head & Feet Adjustments - Lucid L600 Review

Lucid L600 has an amusing head tilting angle with maximum extent till 68 degrees and foot articulation to 35 degrees.

This conveniently provides you the comforting angle that you wish to set upon.

Lift Motor Capacity – Lucid L100 vs L300 vs L600 Review

Lift Motor Capacity - Lucid L100 Review

L100 motors support capacity stands at 600 lbs weight. 

The motor imbibed with the base has premium specifications, which ensures functional capacity and whisper-quiet functionality.

Lift Motor Capacity - Lucid L300 Review

The lift motor capacity of the L300 is 750 lbs, which is similar to the Lucid L600. 

It is a rare capacity feature that beds of this range offer and is entirely worth to invest in.

Lift Motor Capacity - Lucid L600 Review

750 lbs lift weight capacity offered by Lucid L600 is almost equal to most high-quality advanced adjustable beds. 

Majority of users are pretty happy with its whisper quiet motors and smooth flow.

Remote Control – Lucid L100 vs L300 vs L600 Review

Wired Remote Control - Lucid L100 Review

Lucid L100 comes with a wired remote that can be conveniently fixed to the side of the bed base.

This wired system will make sure that your remote is not misplaced and is always handy to make the adjustments.It offers total 6 functionalities, with 4 buttons dedicated to raising and lowering the head and foot sections.

Two buttons are assigned for simultaneous access of head and foot articulation together.

Wireless Remote Control - Lucid L300 Review

An easy-to-operate wireless remote system is provided with L300 that offers 7 functionality buttons. 

The top 4 buttons allow you to adjust the head and foot articulations.

The below placed 3 buttons set provides access to the flashlight, Flat preset position, and one memory programmable position. 

This simple design gives amazing user compatibility.

Wireless Remote Control - Lucid L600 Review

Lucid L600 carries 19 buttons for handling 19 different functionalities on a wireless remote.

While the head and foot tilts can be adjusted with the up/down buttons, 5 buttons are dedicated to pre-set positions with an additional button for one memory programming position.

All the massage functionalities for head and foot can be handled with 5 designated buttons for massage on/off, timer and modes included.

Specific buttons for under-bed light and torch are provided with additional two buttons for child lock and remote pairing functions.

Preset & Memory Programmable Positions

Lucid L300

Lucid L300 Preset & Memory Positions

Offers 1 memory programmable position and 1 preset position (Flat)

Lucid 100

Offers no preset or memory programmable positions

Lucid L600

Lucid L600 Preset & Memory Positions

Although L600 offers just one memory programmable position, but it offers all 5 preset positions – Flat, zero-gravity, anti-snore, TV and lounge.

What are preset and memory programmable positions?

Preset positions: 

It’s a perfect fit for any pre-set position you desire for. The inbuilt positions provided gives the extreme flexibility to set the positions you love in no time.

  • Flat: A simple middle button in the remote click will enable a flat and complete posture.
  • Zero-gravity: The perfect relaxing zero gravity position is available at a click
  • Anti-snore: Yes, it includes an anti-snore position to let you have a comfy sleep with no disruption
  • Lounge: Although a lounge position is not set, the read position is enabled, which is best used indoors.
  • TV/PC: Very few premium adjustable bed offer TV pre-set position, and here the L600 model has got it for you. Watch your favourite movies or series with no stress on your neck.

Memory programmable positions:

One memory programmable position is available, which can be used for storing your desired position. Since many preset positions are all defined, this would allow a place for one more desirable position you like to sleep on.

Massage Functionality – Lucid L100 vs L300 vs L600 Review

Lucid 100

Best designed for simple usage, no massage functionality is enabled to the L100 bed base. Hence the motors provided are best used for the articulations itself.

Lucid 300

Lucid L300 has got all the mandatory features that an adjustable bed requires except for the massage functionality.

This is a comfortable bed designed for ones who do not need external massagers!

Lucid 600

With dual motors at head and foot function well for a perfect massage set up. The super-efficient motors do an amazing job with the following operations

Massage modes – Three different massage patterns are available with wave and pulse modes. These modes can be set to your requirements.

Massage speeds / intensity – L600 allows you to set the speeds between high, medium and low. Set the intensity your body requires!

Massage timers – Automatic massage timers are enabled between 10. 20 and 30 minutes. Do not worry about shutting the motor off after the required time; it do shut off automatically.

USB Ports – Lucid L600 vs L300

Lucid 100

Lucid L100 doesn’t include any USB ports

Lucid 300

Dual USB Ports - Lucid L300 Review

It has got 4 USB ports with two on each side of the bed like a premium adjustable bed. 

Lucid 600

Dual USB Ports - Lucid L600 Review

Lucid L600 has 4 USB ports, where 2 are placed on each side. This enables you to charge 2-3 devices at a time with no restrictions to wait over.

Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Review

Mobile App: 

An android mobile app serves the purpose of accessing your bed base. It performs all the functions a remote does and has additional voice control with this IOS device.

Child lock: 

You can lock your adjustable bed once the position is set from unpredictable clicks or children around. Press and hold the child lock button on remote till the back flashlight blink to on/off the light.

Power backup:

To not leave you out in an awkward position during power blackouts, a power backup is set which flattens the bed soon after the outage. This feature enables the free mobility without any hassle during blackouts.

Height adjustability:

Lucid L600 has got fixed 12 inches legs. This serves fabulous for the usage, and my family as well found it quite comfortable!

Flash Light and under-bed lighting:

Just like many other high end beds, it has got both flashlight for the remote as well as under-the-bed lighting. Flash light serves as emergency pick light in case of power blackouts, and under-bed lighting assists perfect as bedroom lamps!

Mattress retainer bar:

The retainer bar placed at the feet acts perfectly in holding the mattress back during the tilts and massages. This relieved the stress of adjusting the bed altogether.


Complete 10 years warranty is designated. It includes spare parts and labour in extension.

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Review

Massage Functionality: 

Lucid L300 has got all the mandatory features that an adjustable bed requires except for the massage functionality. This is a comfortable bed designed for ones who do not need external massagers!

Preset positions:

As any other mid-range bed, L300 has also got one fixed preset position, i.e., Flat position. The remaining preset positions are not embedded and can be adjusted manually based upon your convenience.

Memory programmable positions:

To ensure you save your favorite bed position; a memory programmable position is made available. You can set your desired angles once and keep the position for continuous usage with no requirement to adjust again and again.

USB ports:

It has got 4 USB ports with two on each side of the bed like a premium adjustable bed. L600 has also got the same number of USB ports.

Power backup:

A premium feature which not many high-end adjustable beds don’t even offer is Power backup. To avoid awkward state mobility in case of blackouts, power back will enable the bed back to its original position. L300 has this remarkable power backup, which is quite stunning.

Height adjustability:

Having 6 legs to support the hefty base, the height of the legs is fixated to 15 inches. This would serve a perfect height for you and your family to relax on.

Flash Light and under-bed lighting:

A quick flashlight option is available in L300 with the remote control, which can guide in sudden blackouts to reach out to your things. But, under-bed lighting is not enabled in L300, which is accessible in L600.

Mattress retainer bar:

A mattress retainer bar is placed near the foot, which ensures your mattress is in place. This bar would help you worry free adjustments to bed base about the mattress displacement.

Assembly process:

Lucid series beds are best known for their simple assemble process; the bases can be adjusted within 5 minutes after the opening. Such effortless mechanisms are involved, which requires simple attachment steps with no struggle involved.

You need not to be an expert for this process, and no external support is required either!


The bed base is offered with 10 years of warranty. It is the same as the L600 and gives you complete resilience.

Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Review

Massage Functionality: 

Best designed for simple usage, no massage functionality is enabled to the L100 bed base. Hence the motors provided are best used for the articulations itself.

Height adjustability:

The legs attached has a fixed height of 12 inches, which is similar to L300. This provides a perfect compatible height for you after the mattress is adjusted on the bed. The usable height can be varied by picking the right thickness of the mattress.

Mattress retainer bar:

Well-built retention system is seen with the bed, where a mattress retainer bar is placed at the base to avoid the flipping or moving of the mattress during the articulations.

All the series of Lucid are jacked with retainer bars ensuring the grip.

Assembly process:

The assembling process is a boon which does not require any experts help or advice. You can adjust the bed in less than 5 minutes with one additional hand in aid.


A 5- year limited warranty is provided, which is extensive pro-rated. The team is always available to support you in any case of repair or damage.


Lucid has ensured its quality with each base designated for their range. With a high-level team working on the specs, each series has got the most advanced features that any other beds of the same range could offer. L600 is marked as one of the top premium beds; L300 has ranked the best beds for its amazing features at such a price. L100 is featured as a simple, yet amusing entry-level bed for its reasonable, affordable price. Figure out your requirements and choose the base that best suits for your undisrupted and safe sleep. Lucid series would be worth your every penny you spend on for your bed base.