Leggett & Platt Williamsburg Plus Adjustable Bed Review

Leggett & Platt, having over 13 decades of experience is best marked for their designs and engineered products for the home. The Williams burg Plus is one exceptionally engineered bed that has got three motors and three independent zones of comfort. Williamsburg stands the best in the mid-range segment of Adjustable beds. Before making any quite decision, quickly dig into its salient features for better understanding.

Basic Head, Feet and Pillow Adjustments:

With the advanced features dotted in, Williamsburg bed has got an additional 15 degree pillow tilting space calming your head circulators. It has got the usual head adjustment up till 6o degrees and the feet adjustment up to 45 degrees enhancing your experience.

Unlike most of the Adjustable bed which has just Head and feet tilting options, this has got three sections of Head, feet and pillow tilts which let you adjust accurately according to your postures.

This feature lets you do a lot of parallel activities like watching TV and having food in bed itself with comfortable posture.

Supports head and foot articulation granting you leisure to either elevate your upper body or your legs to a desired position.

Wall hugging feature?

Imagine how difficult it would be if you cannot reach your nightstand after you have finally set your comfortable position? Will you get out of the bed or move back again to get something out of the nightstand?

Williamsburg would surely say no if you are doing so, with its wall hugging feature. As soon as you tilt to your desired position, it would automatically move back closer to the wall.  

Lift Motor Capacity:

To enhance the flexibility of the bed, Williamsburg has 3 internally fixed lift motors fixated for 3 independent regions (head, feet and pillow tilt regions) of the bed giving you the best support.

The motors associated are super quite not disturbing your sleep. The total lift capacity of the motors is about 750 lbs, which is one salient feature that you would love to have, as most of this range products doesn’t give you the same.

Massage Functionality:

Dual massage is enabled for head and foot which indicates that separate motors function to operate this therapeutic massage.

  • Massage modes: The massage modes vary from not just being regular but also have the “Wave action” which instantly relaxes tiered limbs.
  • Massage speeds / intensity: The motors have three different speeds to work with, which associates low, medium and high levels based upon the intensity you wish to have.
  • Massage timers:  Enabled with massage timer, which allows you to set the time interval you desire to have the massage for your body. Williamsburg offers 15 minutes and 30 minutes timers. Once the fixated time is up, the massage motors shut-off automatically.

Remote Control:

A wireless 18 button positioned remote control is available for controlling the motions and features.

The 4 buttons assembled on the top let you adjust the head, pillow and foot up/ down motions. Instant Flash light, under-bed light and flat options are available which can be lit on or off with a single click.

 The ZG (zero gravity) and Snore buttons let you preset the positions and a set button involved allows the smooth flow.

The buttons below the massage section help you increase or decrease the intensity of the head and foot massagers. The Timer and wave buttons let you enable the instant wave repulsion in massage and timer can be set between 15 and 30 minutes of duration.

Preset positions:

The following set of actions can be performed from remote right with a couple of clicks,

  • Flat: A single click flat position enablement
  • Zero-gravity: Can activate or deactivate the ZG position with ZG Button
  • Anti-snore: support remote functions for setting anti- snore position
  • Lounge: can’t set lounge position
  • TV/PC: Do not involve the automatic TV/ PC watchable position setup

Memory programmable positions:

It has got 3 preset positions and 2 memory programmable positions.

Instead of providing memory programmable positions directly, the remote allows you to adjust and save 2 preset positions, Zero-gravity and Anti-snore to your preferred angles. Thus, the flexible customizations of Zero-gravity and anti-snore positions act as 2 Memory programmable positions.

Mobile App:

The other way to access and control the bed positions and customizations is through the Mobile application apart from remote control.

This application almost serves as a replica of the remote control that helps you in performing all the actions.

Mobile Application is available for both Android and IOS device users.

USB ports:

With no step going low, the Williamsburg is equipped with dual USB ports (4 in total) for charging up your devices. Two ports are situated on either sides of the bed allowing you to charge multiple devices at a swift go.

Height adjustability:

With 6 legs assisting the base of the bed, the 2 located in the middle, give sturdy composure during the movements.

The height of the legs is fixed and it is 7 inches from the ground. In case the height really doesn’t match up your standards, then you can choose a different leg unit of size which is provided by the company separately.

Flash Light and under-bed lighting:

Unlike many other models, the best part to be noted is that Williamsburg has both Flash light as well as the under-bed lighting. Both the features are again accessible through either Mobile application or remote control.

Mattress retainer bar:

Mattress retainer bar helps you best in retaining your mattress position during the tilt positions or massages.

Williamsburg is equipped with a mattress retainer bar at the feet section which fixates the composure. Since it is place over the feet section, it does not even meddle with you anywhere.


Leggett & Platt have provided 10 years manufacturers extended warranty with Parts & Labor free during the course. So, no more worries about the timely services that product requires.


As a final Verdict, Leggett and Platt have equipped Williamsburg with all the necessary features one would ask for in having an adjustable bed.

This can be best chosen among the mid-range segment with such striking features including pillow tilting and wall hugging.

The price is definitely affordable to not let it out of your list and the rest assuring factor of 10- year warranty is where one can ever plunge this product.

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