Blissful Nights Reviews

Why Blissful Nights adjustable bed?

Blissful Nights adjustable bed carries several unique features and specs that aren’t provided by many premium level adjustable beds. Not to forget, it is accompanied by a dashing backlit wireless remote to access all the functionalities of base.

Basic Head and Feet Adjustments

Blissful Nights have independent head and foot articulation. The head section of the bed can be adjusted to 65 degrees, and the foot section tilts up to 35 degrees, which most of the high-end beds offer. These articulation angles allow you to fix any desired position that you would like to rest on.

Lift Motor Capacity 

It offers the maximum lift capacity of 750 lbs per unit, which is an extraordinary feature seen in high premium beds. The motors imbibed are with German technology and ensures whisper quiet and soothing performance. Yes, your sleep wouldn't be disturbed - Not by any manner of means!

Massage Functionality

The bed frame is thoughtfully embarked with 4 massage motors on the four sides of the frame. These massage motors provide equal and distributed massage flow through your mattress to thaw your stress away.

• Massage modes - Ideally, the massage is intensified with their unique technology and does not have any other specific massage modes handy.

• Massage speeds / intensity - The soothing flow of vibrations can be accessed with three different intensities to set with high, low, and medium.

• Massage timers - The automatic timers have 5 minutes of automatic time setup, which turns off on tick. If your tiring body requires more, do not worry, just click the button on your remote. It's all set to calm you down for the next rhythm.

Remote Control 

Blissful Nights Adjustable bed has a uniquely designed wireless remote control. You would feel the ease of access and yet a stylish piece to operate your adjustable bed. It has 14 buttons incised on its surface, which let you access 14 different functionalities to your bed.

Four of the total allows you head and foot articulations, while the other three lets you set the preset positions like flat, anti-snore, and zero-gravity. The under bed lighting can be accessed with this Back-lit wireless remote.

Amazing to note are the three custom memory options, which lets you save your desired positions with three other buttons to access the massage functionality of the bed.

Preset positions 

Preset positions are the best features of the adjustable base. These preset positions let you move to a fascinating and relaxing stance with a single click.

• Flat: The all-common flat position is available and can be accessed through remote directly.

• Zero-gravity: Blissful Nights bed definitely didn't miss out on the ultimate relaxation posture and is one of the preset positions provided.

• Anti-snore: As anti-snore allows you and your partner with comfortable no-disturb sleep, a Blissful nights bed is designed for it.

• Lounge & TV/PC: All of us prefer different angles to relax and watch TV; hence Blissful nights bed does not have a preset posture of these. Yet, the magical memory programmable positions will help you set them up.

Memory programmable positions 

It is not just one or two but three memory programmable positions that allows you to retain your lovable positions to access every day or whenever you love to. Having three such choices is simply magus, which is again quite rare to be noticed in the beds of its range.

USB ports

The bed is equipped with Dual USB ports on each side of the bed. Hence 4 ports in total are available to have all your multiple devices charged at a time, with no struggle to queue your devices with priority.

Power backup 

Although many adjustable beds overlook emergency power backup, it is highly essential to have this feature for your bed. Just imagine, you are in a comfortable position with different articulations with your reading book, and the power just blacked out. How difficult and vexing it would be to get on to your feet?

Now, Blissful Nights adjustable bed has a back-up battery box included that gets your bed back to the flat position soon after an outage.

Height adjustability

Blissful Nights has got 4 part patented legs that follow a distinct design. The 6 legs provided are with three variant heights 6 - 9 - 12 inches. And, they ensured a hard plastic foot as the base to ease you from worrying about your floor being scratched.

Flash Light and under-bed lighting

The design eccentricity provided in placing the under bed lights shows their skill and work with innovation. The lights are located on the sides and foot for increased illumination and proper lighting to fix your night room. The flash light with the remote is not enabled.

Mattress retainer bar

A sturdy steel retainer bar is placed at the foot section, which helps the bed to retain the mattress and foot. Retainer bar best serves its purpose in holding the mattress in place during the articulations as well as the massages.


Blissful Nights provide you a 10- year limited manufacturer's warranty with five years complete base warranty. Blissful Night also is known for the best supporting team available to clear any of your queries.

Conclusion - Blissful Nights Reviews 

As you might have noticed, Blissful Nights adjustable bed has many unique features that cannot be seen in any beds of this range. Escorted by remarkable German- technology equipped with silent motors, massage functionality, heavy lift motor capacity, and amusing preset and programmable positions, it can be marked as a blessing in disguise. Voila, the cost is so affordable that you wouldn't want to miss the boat.

We hope you find your elevated and rejuvenated sleep with this marvelous bed base. Make your decision while the ball's still in your court and order the best at the drop of hat!

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